Be The Beat!

We're so excited to hear you want to join our family! Unfortunately, audition season is only
in the fall quarter. Be sure to sign up for next year's auditions at the beginning of the next school year!

Prepare and practice one solo which is 30-60 seconds long. You should choose a song that you like and which best showcases your vocal abilities. The specific duration is up to you and will not affect the audition.
Arrive and sign in at our friendly Meet-N-Greet Room where you can relax and socialize with our current members! We'll be calling you in based on your time slots so just hang tight until it's your turn to dazzle us!
You'll walk over to the Audition Room to meet our music directors and we'll help you warm up. Then we'll walk you through some exercises to test your range, tonal memory, ability to keep rhythm, and familiarity sight singing. Finally, you perform a solo song of your choice for 30-60 seconds!
Do your best and don't stress! It's okay if you can't sight sing, we're mostly interested in your ability to showcase your beautiful voice! Just take a calm breath, and sing a confident solo!
On the last day of auditions we will announce who will proceed to the callback. At this time we'll also send additional instructions to those who are called back.
The Beat @ UCSD loves your enthusiasm and questions!

For general information about joining any acapella group on campus, be sure to join the UCSD A Cappella Auditionees 2019 Facebook Group.

For specific information, please contact us!